Intra-Agency Tech Collaboration

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Core Capabilities and Success Stories

Core Capabilities

Success Stories

Past Performance

Enabling the NIS

According to the National Intelligence Strategy (NIS), the United States Intelligence Community (IC) must become integrated: a team making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. It must also be agile: an enterprise with an adaptive, diverse, continually learning, and mission-driven workforce that embraces innovation and takes initiative. The United States faces a complex and rapidly shifting international security landscape. Events at home and abroad move quickly, often in an interconnected fashion, driven by the pace of technological change and international communications. It is because national security priorities adapt as rapidly as these events unfold, that, insists former Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair in his preface to the NIS, the IC must keep a steady focus on enduring challenges in and among nation-states and persistent transnational issues, and also be agile in adapting to emerging threats and harnessing opportunities. The NIS sets out the following guiding principles: responsive and incisive understanding of global threats and opportunities coupled with an agility that brings to bear the full IC’s capabilities. More

Past Performance

Supporting our Marines in Al Anbar

In 2004, the Marine Corps, faced with a communications challenge in Iraq caused by a near complete lack of indigenous infrastructure, turned to TransQuest Federal Systems (and its prime contractor), to provide a solution for building, operating and maintaining Technical Control Facilities (TCFs) at the base level throughout the Al Anbar province. The challenge included the lack of an established communications and data infrastructure along with lightly trained operators (mostly military personnel). The solution was to provide highly trained and highly cleared individuals at the individual FOBs to assist and support the local Marines staff and equipment operators. Each of our employees had to be a unique blend of expert technician, professional liaison and customer interface, adept logistician, tactful instructor, and fastidious project manager all wrapped into one. More

Past Performance

Support and Architecture of Critical Human Intelligence Networks

The customer’s challenge was to provide targeted on-ground expert technical support to even the remotest facilities in wartime locations, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, without adding significant labor investment. TransQuest Federal Systems was asked to provide highly trained and certified personnel to provide this support. In response, our company presently provides key technical Field Support Representatives (FSR’s) supporting the mission throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. To make the network effective, our personnel support hundreds of DoD users of various data and communications systems. More